TAAP Work From Home

The application to support you, your employees and your organisation whilst working from home.

Easy to Use App

Available for download on iOS and Android.

Gain Valuable Insight

Support employees through better understanding of their home working environment

Embraces Best Practice

A ready made aide-mémoire to assist with ensuring the wellbeing of employees

Reduces H&S Admin

Instant visibility of areas of concern for employees when working from home

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What is TAAP Work From Home?

TAAP Work From Home enables employees to take a full assessment of their home working environment and provide feedback to their employer.

Who can use it?

Employees who are working from home, permanently or temporarily.

Managers, HR, IT and any other departments within an organisation of any size who want to ensure their employees are safe and well whilst working from home.

What does the Risk Assessment include?

The following categories are included within the Risk Assessment

  • Work Environment
  • Display Screens
  • Health & Welfare
  • Fire & Electrical Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Slips, Trips & Accidents
  • IT Equipment & Data Security
  • Communicating and Keeping in Touch
  • Wellbeing

Equipment List

Employees can create a record of the equipment provided to them by their employer whilst working from home.
Easily keep track of organisational assets.

Manage and maintain security risk by knowing where assets are located.

General Feedback

Employees can provide feedback to their employers on their home working environment that may be positively or negatively impacting them.

This valuable insight can provide employers guidance on how to support their home working staff effectively.

Output Report

On completion of the application, a report is automatically emailed to the employees chosen recipient e.g. manager, HR, H&S etc.

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