Visitor Types

Learn more about Visitor Types and how it can be used within your organisation

What are Visitor Types?

Visitor Types provides organisations with control over their visitor sign in processes.

Visitor Types are fully customisable which means that visitor experiences will vary based upon who they are, whether they are an employee, contractor or visitor.

The Visitor Types capability at sign in, improves an organisations compliance for each site and locations current policies, terms and conditions for each Visitor Type.

Visitor Experience

Based on rules set by the client, visitor experience may differ based on their Visitor Type, whether they are an employee, contractor, visitor, etc.

For example

- An employee at sign in, would provide their name and accept the current covid safe working policies. To avoid the employee having to agree to this policy everyday, it can be configured on a 7 day basis.

- A visitor at sign in would provide their name, email, phone number and agree to site fire and safety guidelines, site terms and conditions and covid safe working policies.

Organisation Benefits

To provide organisational flexibility, the organisation has the choice to enable and disable Visitor Types by location.

To improve security each Visitor Type can be colour coded to assist reception and security checks.

Each Visitor can be required to accept different policies, terms and data capture requirements on each sign in ensuring an organisation's continuous compliance.

Visitor Types includes workflow rules to streamline, at scale, large numbers of visitors adherence to changes in policies and terms automatically without any administrative overhead.

Visitor Types by Sector

Each Type of Visitor by Sector can be Configured for Different Data Entry Requirements, Policies and Conditions

Small Business

Visitor and Employees

Medium to large business

Visitor, Contractor, Employee, Director

Pub and Hospitality

Customer, Regular, Staff

Food Production

Visitor, Employees


Visitors, Contractors, Client


Visitors, Contractors, Employees

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