Understanding the process from the user's perspective

Meeting Organiser

1) Setup meeting as normal using outlook calendar

2) Select the ‘TAAP Visitor Book’ Add-in which will add a link to the invite

3) When the Visitor arrives onsite and selects the link to sign in, the Meeting Organiser will be notified by email


1) Receives meeting invite from the Organiser

2) When arriving at the location the Visitor simply opens the invite on their mobile and selects the link

3) The link will launch the web application or mobile application, if this has been downloaded prior to arriving

4) Visitor simply follows the application instructions to sign in. Where the Visitor has used TAAP Visitor Book in the past, their details will be remembered

5) Once signed in a visitor badge will be created on the visitor device that can be used to present to security

6) Sign out can be done via the mobile application by scanning the ‘Sign Out’ QR code or at reception

Note: If the Visitor does not have the meeting invite available, they can use the camera control on their mobile device to scan the QR code which should be available in the reception area

Reception and Security

1) Receptionist/security in real time can view who has signed in and out of the building including photos of the individuals

2) Where the visitor is unable to digitally sign in the Receptionist can manually add them to the visitor book

3) Visitor Badges are created on the Visitor’s mobile device and can be available to print from the portal for security purposes

Shared/Serviced Office

1) A common location code can be shared by the serviced office with each of its client’s locations

2) This will mean that the Visitor upon scanning the serviced offices QR code will still automatically notify the organiser of their arrival

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