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Meeting Invites

TAAP Visitor Book can be integrated with Calendar Appointment Systems to simplify the sign in process.

Once the Client has added integrated TAAP Visitor Book, it will be become available for all employees to add to their meeting invites.

Users also have the capability to use the TAAP Visitor Book Office365 Add-In which allows them to seamlessly amend meeting invites for a smooth sign in upon the Visitor’s arrival.


1) Within the portal multiple locations can be setup for a client.

2) Each location will have:

a. The location name
b. Mandatory fields the Visitor must complete on sign in
c. Ability to print the check-in and checkout QR codes that will need to be displayed in the reception area

3) A common location code is available to be shared with another Client's locations should there be multiple sign in points e.g a serviced office.


1) Within the portal users can be setup who will then have access to the Visitor Book to see the Visitors arriving and leaving in real time.

2) A User can have a default location added so the solution navigates to their location on login.

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