A touchless digital reception solution

Fully contactless and hygienic


Audit trail for safety & security


GDPR compliant


Low cost with no hardware investment


App runs on Android and IOS


Integrates with badge printers

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    Visitors scan a QR code to sign in and out at reception


    Calendar Integration for instant email notifications


    Caters for small single site and large multi-site clients


    Fully digital with no more waiting in line at reception


    Safe sign-in eliminates pen, paper and kiosk touch points

    Any Device

    No specific hardware required, it works on any device

    Visitor ID

    A Visitor Badge is created for identification on site


    Visitors details are safe and secure aligned with GDPR

    TAAP Visitor Book

    What is it?

    TAAP Visitor Book is a solution for every organisation of any size that wants a new modern contactless digital reception.

    It allows Visitors to digitally sign in and out of locations using their smartphone.

    The application is free for Visitors to use and available at a low monthly cost for organisations.

    TAAP Visitor Book also supports shared and serviced offices.

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    How Does It Work?

    1. The meeting Organiser will send a meeting invite out using the TAAP Visitor Book add in which creates a Link for the Visitor to use on arrival.

    2. On arrival at a meeting location, the Visitor clicks the TAAP Visitor Book link in the meeting invite to launch the Visitor Book Application.

    3. The Visitor scans the QR Code located within the reception area and completes their details to sign in. This generates their Visitor badge that can used for security purposes.

    4. Organiser is instantly notified via email that their Visitor has arrived.

    5. Reception/security can see Visitors signing in and out in real-time.

    Simple Setup

    You can be up and running within minutes using the TAAP Visitor Book Portal

    Simply add a location, define the mandatory fields to be completed by the visitor on sign in, print the sign in and sign out QR codes and display in your reception area.

    Multiple locations can be setup along with user permissions to provide access to view who has signed in and out by location

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    1. Quick, efficient and dramatically reduces time taken to sign in and sign out.

    2. Fully digital process from initial meeting invite to notifying the Organiser that their visitor has arrived.

    3. No new hardware required.

    4. Hygienic as the need to touch pens, paper visitor books and kiosks is eliminated.

    5. Improved security through use of digital Visitor badge with photo ID.

    6. GDPR compliant and facilitates data privacy.

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