A first-class sign in experience

One platform with benefits to streamline Visitor management

Fast, efficient, secure alternative to a traditional visitor sign in book

One-time registration for Visitors who walk into your reception area.

TAAP Visitor Book remembers Visitor's details, streamlining the sign in process. A QR code scan confirms their arrival to site.

Fully touchless bringing hygiene into the forefront

Eliminate the need for Visitors to touch a pen, paper visitor book, or digital kiosk.

GDPR compliant. Privacy assured

Protect people's privacy by hiding personally identifiable information such as: first name, last name, visiting who.

TAAP Visitor Book maintains privacy of your Visitor at all times often compromised using traditional sign in books.

FREE mobile app. No upfront hardware investment required.

Print and place a QR code in your Reception area. Visitors scan the QR code on arrival to sign in and scan another QR code to sign out.

Through use of their smartphone with minimal or zero interaction required, the solution is seamless to deploy.

Track Visitor movement for added on site security

Identify Visitors through a digital photograph accessible via a secure web portal.

Maintain an accurate list in case of fire safety evacuation procedure. Bring safeguarding and security into the forefront.

Instant notification when your Visitor arrives

TAAP Visitor Book app automatically sends an alert to the organiser when a Visitor signs in at reception.

Scaleable for single and multi building sites

Multi site Visitor management solution delivered through a secure web portal.

Switch between sites, instantly view who has signed in and out of each building.

Customisable data field capture

Tailor data capture.

Using the Visitor Book portal, take control over the sign in experience and data gathered.

Comply with GDPR and data privacy by collecting relevant and necessary information pertaining to your Visitor.

Printable identification badge capability

Improve site security by issuing a printed badge as soon as a Visitor signs into your building.

The badge can be inclusive of the Visitor’s photo so that they are identifiable at all times.

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