TAAP releases Proof of Delivery App

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TAAP has released a Proof of Delivery app to the Windows 8.1 store which is currently available free of charge.

The Proof of Delivery App will allow typical delivery information to be added as well as highlighting any damage the item being delivered be it a parcel, vehicle or piece of furniture, supported by photographic evidence. Photos can be annotated within the app using line drawings and spot markers to help simplify documenting the damage. Supporting narrative can also be provided to enhance the detail and explain the nature and resultant state of the item that has been damaged. An electronic signature can be captured for devices that support a touch/ink interface, which can appear in a Microsoft Word Document which can either be edited further or submitted to the client to help provide documents quickly and easily.

Proof of Delivery operates as a standalone app, with no back end system required. For example, a ‘man with a van’ could use a low cost tablet (see our recent devices page for more details) to create ad-hoc jobs and add the information on site to be able to provide an electronic copy of the POD via email as soon as the item has been delivered.

For larger companies, a TAAP portal can be provided to send jobs to the devices in the field or the App can be used in a Pee2Peer environment with field workers sending completed jobs to a manager using the app to verify and store the data. It is also possible to fully integrate the TAAP Forms platform into an existing back end system for seamless real-time data feeds.

The app is available via the Microsoft App Store and runs on Windows 8.1 devices, tablets, laptops, hybrid PC’s and desktops.

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