TAAP assists flood affected residents and insurers with flood damage app

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With the recent floods in the UK causing at least 6,500 homes to be flooded since December, TAAP is launching a free software application for home owners/businesses to use, which will assist in recording and detailing their damage claims.

The free Flood Damage App will allow damage to be recorded room by room, supported by photographic evidence. Photos can be annotated within the app using line drawings and spot markers to help simplify documenting the damage. Supporting narrative can also be provided to enhance the detail and explain the nature and resultant state of the property/asset that has been damaged. An electronic signature can be captured for devices that support a touch/ink interface, which can appear in a Microsoft Word Document which can either be edited further or submitted to the user’s insurer to help streamline the claims handling process.

TAAP are working with insurers to deliver an advanced version of the product that allows the capture of video and the passing of the data directly into their respective claims handling systems. This allows insurers to have their experienced loss adjustors and claims handlers working at head office and field workers documenting and capture claims data from their customers all over the country. The advanced product allows the Flood Damage form data to be passed between field workers and back office workers providing the basis of an electronic case file, the final output of which could be a Microsoft Word Document (for the smaller insurer), or it lodged into a back office system for long term storage.

The version for the home owner to use shall be available via the Microsoft App Store and runs on Windows 8.1 devices, tablets, laptops, hybrid PC’s and desktops.

Steve Higgon, TAAP CEO, commented:
“With so many devices becoming available from so many different manufacturers, Windows 8.1 was an obvious device choice for this and other applications we are developing. With devices such as the Acer W4 with 3G built in, it’s nearly half the price of a comparable Apple iPad. Many clients are now mandating Windows 8.1 platform as the device of choice for these kinds of apps. For our business clients there are superb rugged tablets from Panasonic such as the M1, a 7” unit, and that is available for not much more than a top end iPad. Devices and sensible pricing is making the scope of the apps and what’s possible very exciting. These types of device are being used more and more by our clients for inspection, audit, construction, utilities, in fact even POD. Windows 8.1 provides a great mobility platform for the future of really useful mobile apps.”

The Association of British Insurers declared that 2,000 loss adjusters and 1,800 staff had been reassigned to deal with customer queries since the widespread flooding occurred, so it is important for people who have been affected to ensure that all the details of their claim are recorded accurately in order to help streamline the mammoth task of assessment and reimbursement.

Steve Higgon, explained:
“We’ve been working with clients in the assurance and insurance industry and where approached, and asked to provide a solution to help streamline the flood damage handling process. The technology is already deployed in 88 countries in the Oil and Gas sector and being used for assurance and quality control, the apps have been adapted to handle the claims documentation process for recording a claim. We knew we couldn’t get our product into the hands of every insurer and thought we could help those people struggling to get their claims handled by releasing a free app they could use to help themselves feel like they are getting back on their feet. At the same time it assists their insurers to stop drowning in the mountain of paperwork that they’ll need to process and handle.”