Download the Schedule Spreadsheet

Before you download the schedule spreadsheets, it’s important that you download and use the appropriate schedule spreadsheet version for your software.

If you use Microsoft Excel you must download the correct schedule spreadsheet for MS Excel. If you use LibreOffice, you must download the LibreOffice schedule spreadsheet.

Do not download the LibreOffice version of the schedule spreadsheet and then try to convert it to Microsoft Office or Excel or vice versa.

Download Spreadsheet from HMRC

TAAP Gift Aid

Alternatively, you can use TAAP F2F Fundraiser to automatically generate your submission data. TAAP F2F Fundraiser is a full end to end system which includes a contactless payment solution for donations, a Donor database and HMRC data.

View TAAP F2F Fundraiser

What Data do you need

You must have valid Gift Aid declarations for all the donations you record in the schedule spreadsheet, which should be kept for a two-year period.

For each individual donor, you will need:

• title, using a maximum of 4 characters per line
• first name (or first initial) and last name, using a maximum of 35 characters per line
• house name or number
• postcode, using capital letters and include a space, for example, WD6 4PJ
• aggregated donations if applicable
• sponsored events
• donation date, using the format DD/MM/YY or enter the latest date in a series of donations made by the donor
• donation amount, without using £ signs and showing amounts to 2 decimal places, eg 100.00 not £100

If a field does not apply to you, simply leave it blank.

For a single donation, you need to include the date the donation was received. But if an individual donor makes regular donations to your charity or CASC, or if you’re submitting aggregated donations, enter the date of the last donation received.
You can also enter the total amount for the donor over the period you are claiming for. You may need to show a different date if these donations cover more than one accounting period.

TAAP F2F Fundraiser

TAAP F2F Fundraiser includes a fully featured mobile app which captures all the required data in a quick and easy way, ensuring the donor is fully aware of the Gift Aid benefits and implications and removing the administrative burden of your claim.

View TAAP F2F Fundraiser

Aggregated Donations

You can aggregate donations of £20 or less from different donors and show them as a single line on the spreadsheet. The total donation on one line cannot be higher than £1,000 and the total cannot include donations associated with admissions to charity visitor attractions.

To claim Gift Aid on aggregated donations, do not enter the name and address of individual donors as this will slow down your repayment claim. Instead you must enter:

• a simple description in the ‘aggregated donations’ box
• the date of the last donation
• the total amount raised

Only add together donations that were made within the same accounting period. Your accounting period ends on the date to which you prepare accounts, unless your organisation was set up by a trust deed or will or was established outside the UK. In those cases, your accounting period runs to 5 April.

TAAP F2F Fundraiser

TAAP F2F Fundraiser is able to automatically aggregate your valid donations and generate the correct documentation required for your claim.

View TAAP F2F Fundraiser

Submitting Your Claim

Register for Charities Online – HERE

Once registered, you will need to log in to HMRC Online Services and Activate your Charities Online account.

Once signed in, you should access the page ‘Services you can use’ and then ‘make a charity repayment claim’.

After answering a few questions, you will be prompted to fill in the ‘repayment claim details page’ and this is where you upload the completed spreadsheet.

Once submitted, you will see an on-screen confirmation with the date and time it was sent. You’ll also see a reference number. Make a note of it should you need to contact HMRC about the claim.

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