Working hours travel time change sparks route optimisation interest

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Borehamwood, UK, Thursday, 17th September, 2015 – The recent ruling by the European Court that workers with no fixed office will have the travel time to and from first and last appointments counted as working time, means many organisations will have to rethink workers schedules.

Reported by the BBC, the ruling that time spent travelling to and from appointments for workers with no fixed office is to be classed as working time, means many organisations need to ensure that these appointments are near to workers’ homes, so that working hours do not exceed the 48-hour working week directive.

In order to do so, it may be necessary to implement route optimisation systems, such as those provided by TAAP to organisations including RAC, and Herts NHS Trust. These ensure that workers addresses are pinpointed on a map, and any appointments that are processed through the system are automatically optimised so that their travel time is minimised as much as possible between all jobs, not just the first and final ones.

The system is integrated with ALK’s CoPilot software, which works on mobile devices to route drivers to exact locations, ensuring that travel time is kept to a minimum. Designed for either cars or trucks, the sophisticated sat-nav system enables guided travel with a user-friendly display, and voice prompts.

TAAP’s software makes use of the sat-nav’s features by integrating the mapping information with other job information, such as pick-up and drop off points, job destinations, data regarding items being delivered, and may even use in-built barcode scanners to verify collections and deliveries, as well as capturing signatures, photos, video, and annotation. Any reports; such as a vehicle inspections or delivery notes, are then generated directly from the mobile device, in an instant. Reports are then saved or emailed straight to a colleague, client, or organisation.

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