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1. Select ‘Bookings’

2. Select ‘New Booking’, ‘Single Dates’ to make a single booking

3. Use the filters to select the date, time, location etc. and click ‘Search’

4. Select the room to view further room details and select ‘Book’ to progress the booking

5. Complete the booking details required and select ‘Proceed’ to complete the booking

1. Select ‘Bookings’

2. Select ‘New Booking’, ‘Multiple Dates’ to make a reoccurring booking

3. Complete booking details and select ‘Proceed’

4. Filter by booking dates and times and select ‘Create Booking’ to show a list of the dates and times being requested based on the data entered

5. Select ‘Find Rooms’ to go to Step 6

6. Filter rooms using the search criteria. Click into the search criteria to clear any filters should no matches appear. Select ‘Find Rooms’ to bring back a list of rooms that best match the dates requested at Step 4

7. Select a room and then select ‘ Book Room’ to complete the booking

Note: Where there is not a 100% match of rooms to dates then you will be added to a waiting list on the dates that were not available

1. Select ‘Bookings’

2. Select ‘My Bookings’ to view all your bookings

3. Click into a booking to view the booking details, cancel a booking or raise an issue

This shows the details of the booking

This shows any description or comments added at the point of making the booking

Nursing Support
This shows if nursing support was requested and if so the approval status and any other detail relating to the approval/ rejection

Dates shows the list of rooms and dates booked against the booking
Where the room was not available against the specified date, the booker will be added to the Waiting List and will automatically be emailed should the room become available so they can then go in to book.
Select a date to see further details and actions

The details tab shows the details of the specific booking selected

Actions tab allows you to cancel a single booking, report any issues with the room and release the room to make it available for someone else. On navigating back to the Actions Tab you will then be able to book a new room for the same date and time.
Note: If a booking has a status of ‘Waiting List’ the ‘Release Room’ will say ‘Find Room’. Buttons visible will depend on users role.


1. When the booking has been created, different contacts can be added against the booking.

2. Adding a contact will mean they will also get notified of any changes to the booking

3. Either search for an existing contact and add them to the booking or enter a new persons details to add them

Owner – Action button available against the booking
User / consultant– view only – not able to perform any actions against the booking

The Events tab shows an audit of the event for a booking e.g cancellations, booking confirmations, nursing approvals, rejections etc.
Click into an event to see further detail

The Messages tab shows an audit of the emails for a booking e.g cancellations, booking confirmations, nursing approvals, rejections etc.
Click into a message to see further detail


How to cancel a whole booking? 

  1. Navigate to the booking
  2. Navigate to the details tab
  3. Select 'Cancel'

How to cancel a single date against a booking? 

  1. Navigate to the dates tab
  2. Select the date
  3. Select actions
  4. Click 'Cancel'
  1. Go to booking
  2. Select the dates tab
  3. Select a date
  4. Go to actions tab
  5. Select 'Report Issue'

Admin Functions

1. Select ‘Admin’, ‘Manage’, ‘Room Booking Issues’

2. Shows a list of the issues that have been raised against a room. Click into an issue to see further details.

3. Navigate between the tabs: Details, KPI’s, Service.

4. To make a room unserviceable select the Service tab, select ‘Out of Service’, add the dates the room will be out of service for, add any comments and click ‘Update’. This will cancel any bookings that are using that room between those dates.

5. Should the dates change you can go back into the issue and extend the dates and add any additional comments which will show under notes in the Details tab.

6. To make a room serviceable and close the issue, untick ‘out of service’. – this will add a closed date and time stamp under the KPI’s tab.

1 Select ‘Admin’, ‘Manage’, ‘Booking Waiting List’

2. Shows a list of bookings that are waiting for a room. Click into a booking to see the booking and all its details.

3. Against the booking navigate to the Dates tab to see which dates are waiting for a room

4. Click into a date that has a status of ‘Waiting List’

5. Navigate to the Actions tab to then find a room for that booking.

6. Able to click into bookings with a status of ‘booked’ to change rooms where needed to.


1. Select ‘Admin’, ‘Manage’, ‘Nursing Support’

2. Shows a list of requests for Nursing Support

3. Click into a request to be able to see the details and Approve or Reject

4. Click the Details tab to see the details of the request and all the booking dates associate to the request

5. Click Approval tab, select from the drop down to approve or reject the request

Approvals will disappear from the list as they are actioned
If a request is approved the booker will receive a notification to confirm their room booking
If a request is rejected the booker will receive a notification to state the room has been cancelled

1. Select ‘Admin’, ‘Search’, ‘Room Booking’

2. Enter a Booking ID or Date and select ‘Search’

3. The booking detail will be brough back based on the search criteria

4. Select the Booking to see the booking details

1. Select ‘Admin’, ‘Search’, ‘Booking Contacts’

2. Shows a list of contacts that have been added to the system via bookings

3. Click into a contact to view their details

4. Select ‘View Bookings’ to be able to see all bookings associated to that contact

1. Select ‘Admin’, ‘Facilities Management’, ‘Locations’

2. Shows a list of Location in the system

1. Select ‘Admin’, ‘Facilities Management’, ‘Rooms’

2. Filter by Location

3. Shows a list of Rooms in the system