InStore is Built upon the TAAP Enterprise Applications Platform, delivering Digital Transformation to your organisations.

The solution is highly extensible and Modular by design which can be adapted to client requirements

Comprised of Retailer specific Line of Business (LOB) Services, such as Safe and Legal, Slips and Trips, Vehicle Checks, Home Delivery, Accidents and Workforce Management.

Being a mobile real time system, TAAP InStore provides a live view of your compliance status and KPI reporting.

TAAP Food Surplus

InStore Food Surplus has been in use for over 3 years in some of the UK's largest supermarkets. It provides a Waste Management Solution in partnership with charitable distribution organisations and gives access to available food donations in a virtual basket. In addition, it can be integrated with retailer systems for product information and pricing.

It is a turnkey, cloud based solution which works on all hardware including old PDA’s which your organisation may have already invested in. This also means that employees are using the same scanning hardware to identify surplus product / food waste that they are already used to.

As InStore Food Surplus can operate standalone with its own management portal, there is no reliance on existing back office systems.

Vehicle Daily Checks

In addition to the InStore checks and processes, TAAP can also help with digitising any of your processes outside of the stores.

When on the road, your vehicles will require by law a VOSA compliant Daily Check which must be kept on record for 2 years. By adopting the TAAP platform, your drivers are able to carry out a digital Daily Check before being able to access any other tasks or processes such as home deliveries.

Any exceptions or defects can automatically be sent to the transport manager and workshop to ensure the vehicle can be made safe as soon as possible.

Solution Features

Offline Working

Allow work to be carried out anywhere, anytime without the need for a signal.

Photo Capture

Capture high quality images and annotate them to highlight damage.


Capture automatic timestamps through the job to ensure a full audit trail.


Capture worker and customer signatures with date/time stamp.


Automatically generate Word/PDF reports.


Compatible with all Windows, iOS and Android devices.