The TAAP F2F Regular Giving solution enables charities to sign donors up for regular donations in a secure and GDPR compliant way.

With the TAAP F2F Regular Giving solution you can eliminate paper, dramatically reduce data entry errors though bank validation and postcode lookup, improve compliance and data integrity through digital workflow and dramatically reduce the acquisition cost of each supporter.

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TAAP Regular Giving

The TAAP F2F Regular Giving solution runs on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices and enables fundraisers to collect regular donations with ease.

The F2F Application can be configured to support the charity's branding and particular data capture needs.

With offline street address lookup you can enter a postcode and a house number for an improvement in the accuracy of the postal address data that is collected. With offline bank sort code and account number checking we can help reduce the number of failed direct debits ensuring the data was correct at the point of collection.

TAAP Regular Giving Portal

The TAAP Regular Giving Portal enables setup of locations, teams, fundraisers, donation amounts, branding and application wording to be used within the solution and provides visibility of the data captured. In addition to the donation data, the solution also captures the donors contact details along with opt in preferences that can be used for SMS/Email marketing campaigns.

The Reporting provided in the Portal enables the charity to make informed business decisions in real time. All data can be exported as CSV/Excel for future GiftAid/marketing use.

Solution Features


Displays charity details for security purposes


Donation Amounts can be configured

Validation – Age

Supporter Details with validation to ensure donor is over 18

Validation – Address

Postcode lookup online and offline.

Validation – Bank

Offline bank checker to ensure valid mandates


Workflow to ensure solicitation statement is read.

Signature Capture

Signature captured along with date and time.


Only applicable options are shown for the GiftAid eligibility


Ability to configure branding and messages


Ability to embed images and videos