T-SQUARED is a design & build company with an M&E Services background working as a specialist contractor for clients with strategically important facilities where quality and reliability are paramount.Since the inception of the company in 2003, T-SQUARED has enjoyed significant and continued success and has grown to become one of the UK’s foremost specialist partners in the mechanical and specialist services industry.

Our commitment to innovation, design, service and customer care has ensured that T-SQUARED remains at the forefront in our industry, counting among others leading pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotechnology, food & beverage, medical devices, aerospace, publishing and other highly serviced industries amongst our valued list of clients.

Our design & build service comes from a single and fully accountable supply source which uses a totally transparent, inclusive and personalised approach. All this is delivered by a team of highly qualified globally experienced and committed personnel.

This application by definition is an extension of everything that T-SQUARED have achieved in an electronic field service application for its engineers.

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  • Work Assigned to Field Engineers
  • Reactive and Pre-Planned Maintenance
  • Inspection and Audit Recording
  • Dynamically Generated Reports
  • On site service requests
  • Offline mode
  • Equipment Offhire Notifications
  • Customer Notifications
  • Engineer travel and work time recording
  • Materials used tracking