Handsfree Group is an established specialist provider and installer of vehicle technology products in the United Kingdom and across the USA. We have worked with the Transport, Logistics and Emergency Services Sectors for over a decade and continue to expand in these areas (Install and Alert divisions). We have diversified our services to supply cabling and production equipment (Broadcast) direct to the major TV and Radio Broadcasters in the UK.

Handsfree Group Technical (TECh) and Field Services (Dynamic) divisions are groundbreaking innovators in sourcing, design and development of new technology. Handsfree Group offers an array of specialist services including online telematics (Datalive), sports / motorhome conversions (Leisure) and fleet decommissioning services (Fleet).

Our state of the art workshop facilities (Installhub) in the North of England and the Midlands, provide off site options for our customers, where our specialised team carrying out vehicle conversions and installations.

Handsfree Group