TAAP’s Food Surplus application allows food to be barcode scanned and associated data to be recorded, so that any food with a short shelf life that is either going to waste or being allocated for charitable donation, can be sorted appropriately. Any food retailer can use the application as it is designed to allow the interfaces to be easily replaced with calls to any client’s own product, pricing and waste services data. The platform is flexible and adaptable to a client’s specific needs. The system uses barcode scanners on mobile devices to scan existing product data. At the point of scanning, the retail user indicates if the item can be donated, or is excluded.
The application is already in use within supermarkets and integrates with the FoodCloud and FareShare applications for charitable food donations, which manage the distribution of food waste to charities local to the supermarkets.
Read more information about how the application is being used in the press release


  • Scan barcodes of food with short shelf life
  • Food is categorised so that it can be ‘wasted’ for donation or excluded from donation
  • Virtual ‘baskets’ can be built up so that data creates a comprehensive audit trail
  • Training mode allows new staff to be trained quickly
  • Data can be saved in a secure web portal for analysis and trend reporting
  • Any food retailer can use the application as the interface is flexible