Estimates Add-In for Office 365 allows users to send structured ‘job’ data from Outlook straight to a mobile worker’s Windows-based handheld device – tablet, smartphone, laptop – so that they receive task-based information within a pre-populated form.



The form shows them all the details they’ll need to complete the job, so information can flow easily¬†between office-based employees and field-based individuals. Mobile workers receive a message directly from their colleagues, which they’ll click on to launch the Estimates application. When the application launches, the job data is immediately displayed within the digital form.


  • Send structured job data between office-based employees and field workers
  • Use a familiar interface to do so – Outlook within Office 365
  • Use either the email function or the calendar function to send/schedule jobs
  • Receive straightforward completed job information in a pre-defined format
  • Capture photos, signatures, and annotation as part of the digital form