TAAP is an Enterprise Applications Platform that delivers digital transformation at scale allowing Operators and Service Providers to embrace change. TAAP provides the tools and technology to drive process efficiency and control globally across all environments without any IT overhead. Our technology allows organisations to embrace change, become truly agile and react to their client’s needs in the fast moving and dynamic Oil and Gas sector.

The TAAP technology collapses the time required to create applications, with business analysts configuring process in hours and deploying them globally in multiple languages, running on smartphones, tablets, desktop, and web, on iOS/Apple, Android and Windows, in the Cloud or hosted within your data centre. From complex Inspection/Audit data capture to the elimination of Excel spreadsheets, TAAP provides the solution for asset integrity, asset maintenance, task management, scheduling, procurement, training and HSE compliance to name but a few.

Self Sufficiency

In house business analysts at your organisation have the ability to configure processes, reports and dashboards in hours and deploy them globally in multiple languages, running on smartphones, tablets, desktop, and web, on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

From complex Inspection/Audit data capture to the elimination of Excel spreadsheets, TAAP provides the solution for Asset Integrity, Asset Maintenance, Task Management, Scheduling, Procurement, Training and HSE Compliance and more.

Get in touch with one of our specialists to discuss how the TAAP technology has been used by a global inspection firm since 2012 in over 88 countries and managed centrally by two business analysts. In the first year over 1000+ Inspections and 2500+ Reports (Inspection Reports, NCR’s, Inspection Release Notes, and Flash Reports) were configured and branded to their clients specific requirements.

Advanced BI

The TAAP BI analytics module allows your in house business analysts, not developers, to shape and provide live reporting, actionable insights (AI), trending analytics and machine learning services.

The dashboards and reports are dynamically updated with data captured in near real time from the Inspectors in the field.

Your BA's will have the capability to customise and brand each report/dashboard on a client by client basis or have management views of the whole organisation.

Asset Integrity

TAAP can help digitally transform your asset integrity processes. The proper management of physical assets, including inspecting and maintaining, is key to in ensuring the high level of operational performance, safety and profitability of your business.

By adopting a digital asset management solution your workers are able to record and compare the state of any assets within your business in real time which can also be linked to advanced BI tools.

Photo Compare and Annotate

The TAAP Platform provides full functionality for annotating photos or existing images with pre-defined codes or freehand shapes and lines.

These annotated images can be automatically embedded in reports generated by the system or used to compare before and after work has been carried out or degradation over time.

By providing the user with a unique interface to easily compare the state of assets over a period of time, you can drastically reduce the risk of overlooking potential failures.

Intrinsically Safe

Processes and procedures in the Oil & Gas/Energy and related industries require constant monitoring as the environments are extremely hazardous and pressurized. Working in partnership with specialized hardware manufacturers, TAAP is able to provide its tried and tested TAAP Forms solution to mobile workers, without the risk of igniting a spark by using a mobile device.

Intertek Case Study

Intertek Group specialises in inspecting and testing industrial products. It wanted a real-time e-reporting system to replace its paper-based processes.

TAAP built a cloud-based solution on Windows Azure designed for 15,000 engineers for use on tablet devices. Technical specialists now spend less time converting inspection data into written reports, which can be edited in Microsoft Word, offering clients easy access to reports.

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Solution Features

Offline Working

Capture data anywhere, anytime without the need for a signal.


The TAAP platform can utilise GPS positioning within processes.

Video Capture

It is possible to capture inspection videos as part of any process.


Capture inspector or customer signatures with date/time stamp and full audit history.

Generate Reports

Inspectors are able to generate complex reports using the data captured with the TAAP platform.


Compatible with all Windows, iOS and Android devices.