Morgan Sindall Property Services improve job management using TAAP digital forms

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Morgan Sindall Property Services’ Head of Systems Transformation talks to Microsoft about how TAAP technology has transformed job management.

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Morgan Sindall’s property services arm switched to TAAP more than a year ago, and it has transformed how its staff work.

“We had a hugely paper-intensive business, so when we were looking at how to get rid of that, we were introduced to TAAP,” said Stephen Holden, Head of Systems Transformation at Morgan Sindall Property Services. “We complete hundreds of projects an hour, and historically it was a nightmare to do anything with that data. We had lots of paper in filing cabinets, and when we needed to find something we would have to search through those.

“TAAP allows us to capture lots of small pieces of information and log them in a database. We can search for issues around compliance, track our performance, know where our staff are and the tasks they have completed, manage cost and much more, all through this incredibly simple platform. Plus, 80% of our staff now use mobile devices, including all our customer-facing employees. We got rid of all the paper they had to deal with and gave them tablets with all the data on them.”