25% More with Zero Effort Using Intelligent GiftAid

iGiftAid can increase your total donation value by 25%, even on contactless donations.

When a Donor registers their GiftAid details to the TAAP system, any future donations can be GiftAid eligible by the Donor simply confirming by a Yes/No question. This prevents repetitive GiftAid registration for regular/community Donors encouraging Gift Aid on donations more often, ultimately, raising more money for the charity.

With TAAP Fundraiser you can easily be set up and fundraising within less than 5 days with full control of your fundraising methods and amounts, why wait?

What is TAAP Fundraiser?

For information on all our TAAP Fundraiser features, click the link below.

TAAP Fundraiser

Solution Features


Contact payment plus chip and pin option


GiftAid each donation for 25% extra value

Validation – Address

Postcode lookup online and offline.


Ability to embed images and videos


GDPR Compliant Opt-In option

Cross Platform

Works on Android and iOS devices


From any Bank or Credit/Debit card


Provides three configurable donation amounts


Portable solution with pocket sized card reader.


Ability to export data as CSV or excel

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