How Has Tech Levelled up Events?

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The recent announcement has signaled the return of events in full force by the end of June, which can’t come soon enough- evidenced by a LiveNation poll, that showed 95% of event fans are eagerly anticipating their return.

The industry hasn’t just been sitting by and waiting for the announcement though, since 2020 the industry has been seeking every opportunity to improve their offering and make their events covid friendly. Here’s what the industry has done to level up events in the face of the pandemic.



Hybrid Experiences

For decades, global events like sporting fixtures have been hybrid (both streamed and in-person), and the content and experience has been better for it. There’s no arguing that the experience of the person at the physical event and the viewer witnessing it through a screen are very different, but both are top-class experiences. Whilst in-person, people may benefit from atmosphere and human interaction, streaming enables people who wouldn’t have been able to attend to do so and allows organisers to reach a wider audience.

LiveNation understood the value in this, they committed to purchasing a majority stake in artist-orientated streaming platform Veeps in January 2020. As a direct competitor to the events industry, it could have been confusing at first to see LiveNation make this move, but it made perfect sense for the management team who recognised the importance that holding hybrid events could have.

Trade shows and concerts alike will benefit from this new system. Digital City Festival Manchester had 4,300 visitors to their 2020 event, but turning this into a hybrid experience would have opened the door to hundreds of thousands that would have liked to visit but couldn’t for various reasons- one of which being mounting coronavirus concerns.


Going Contactless

Enhancing the safety of events is an organisers top priority. As the virus has been reported to live on surfaces for up to three days, the most effective way of limiting this touchpoint inhabitation is by removing the environment on which the virus can live. In simple terms, stop people unnecessarily touching things! An event can integrate tech to make events uncompromisingly safer at every stage, such as contactless sign-ins with the TAAP Visitor Book, which can include instant secure visitor badges for attendees.

Our contactless sign-in solution can prevent queues and large unnecessary gatherings at entrances by integrating events with a pre-registration function.. Attendees can pre-register, allowing organisers to ensure policy documents, waivers, safety notices, whatever is required for entry are read and accepted before attending the site. This cuts out the stage where visitors must read and accept notices at the entrance to events helping eliminate any queues. Once pre-registered it’s a simple scan of a QR code to sign in within seconds and begin the enjoyment of the event.

The insight generated from post-event feedback is invaluable, not only would TAAP Visitor Book give organisers insight into who attended, and what role they hold from what industry, but organisers could utilise it to improve their next event with invaluable market and customer research.

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