All Inclusive TAAP F2F Fundraiser Bundle

To keep things simple and get you up and running within days, TAAP are now offering a TAAP F2F Fundraiser Phone and App Bundle. The bundle will also help to improve your GDPR compliance by having the TAAP F2F Fundraiser Fundraiser Application on a dedicated device.

The TAAP F2F Fundraiser Phone and App Bundle is available from £37.50+VAT per month per fundraiser and includes:
- Nokia 5.1 Phone
- Phone Data 2GB
- Voice (£5.00 extra per month, 4GB data and unlimited calls/sms)
- Square Card Reader
- TAAP F2F GiftAid Application and License
- MDM including app setup, device lockdown and Square Pairing
- 1st line Support

Additional charges may be required for training, SMS service and Postcode lookup.

If you are interested and would like to find out more and understand how quickly you can be up and running, please contact us via the ‘Enquire Now’ button.

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