Interactive kiosks can have huge benefits for charities and fundraising organisations. By simplifying the donation process and helping tell the story, they can increase the number of donations as well as the average donation amount.

The TAAP Fundraiser Kiosk solution enables organisations to sign up supporters for memberships and regular donations in a secure and GDPR compliant way as well as taking contactless payments from the same device.

In addition to having access to real time donation data, all donor details are captured allowing for further marketing campaigns.

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Digital Media

Provide your supporters with an intuitive, media rich journey on a kiosk device that's accessible 24/7.

Potential donors have the freedom to enter their own data and are able to move between videos, images and infographics with ease.

You can use this to showcase your message in a way that suits your organisation and can be fully branded.

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Payment options

The TAAP Fundraiser Kiosk solution runs on iOS and Android tablet devices and is fully integrated with a contactless payment reader.

The solution enables the charity to keep up with current trends and accept payments by contactless and digital wallets.

By capturing GiftAid details from the donor, or sent as an SMS to capture later, the charity can increase the value of each donation by 25%.

The TAAP Fundraiser Portal also gives you the capability to configure donation amounts and change them for different events and functions. If your donors have more time, you can enable the GiftAid details but if it is a high footfall event you can disable this and just collect the donations within seconds.

Kiosk Hardware

TAAP works with a number of kiosk hardware suppliers to help source the most appropriate device for your needs.

This includes wall mounted, desk/reception mounted and floor standing devices which have different levels of security and device access.

It is possible to include a contactless payment device with the kiosk.

The kiosks, as well as the TAAP solution, can also be branded to suit the needs of your organisation.

TAAP Fundraiser Portal

The TAAP Fundraiser Portal enables setup of users, donation amounts to be used within the app and provides visibility of the data captured. In addition to the donation data, the solution also captures the donors contact details along with opt in preferences that can be used for SMS/Email marketing campaigns and future donations.

The Reporting provided in the Portal enables the charity to make informed business decisions in real time. All data can be exported as CSV/Excel for future GiftAid/marketing use.

Solution Features


Contact payment plus chip and pin option


GiftAid each donation for 25% extra value

Validation – Address

Postcode lookup online and offline.


Ability to embed images and videos


GDPR Compliant Opt-In option

Cross Platform

Works on Android and iOS devices


From any Bank or Credit/Debit card


Provides three configurable donation amounts


Portable solution with pocket sized card reader.


Ability to export data as CSV or excel

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