Adding a New Patient and Editing
  • Search a patient
  • Once a patient record is created in the system it will remain available to enable the patient to be readmitted if they have multiple hospital stays (this shows in the search)
  • Add a new patient
  • Edit a patient
  • Assign a patient to a ward
  • Assign a patient to a ward and bed
PTL, PTL by Authority and SitRep Reports

PTL Features:

  • Export to excel
  • Filters by ward and Local Authority
  • Shows patients movement between wards
  • Length of Stay
  • Notices
  • Social worker
  • Therapy page 5
  • Patient details – can be anonymised
  • Medically fit and medical movement by date
  • Delay reason
  • Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC) days
  • The ability to update Status Notes from the report view screen
  • Shows if a patient is from a Care Home (CH), Safe Guarding (SG), Self Funder (SF)

Sitrep Features:

  • Shows the Patient 30 day view by status
  • Shows if a patient is medical or medically fit
  • Length of stay
  • Export to excel
  • Anonymisation of patients details
  • Filter By Ward
Updating the Status of a Patient
  • A status can be changed multiple times
  • A patient can be changed from medical to medically fit at any stage in their hospital journey
  • The patient can change between statuses multiple times if required
  • All updates will show in the history against a patient
  • Status updates will show in the reports
Search Functionality
  • Ability to search all data and export to excel
  • Filter by:
    • Care Home
    • Safeguarding
    • Self Funder
    • Ward
    • Medical/Medically Fit
    • Length of Stay
    • GP Area
    • LA Area
    • Key
Power BI Dashboard

Dashboard features:

  • Live reporting updated in real time
  • Provides visibility of:
  • Total patients
  • Total medical and medically fit
  • Beds available and occupied
  • Medically fit and medically patients by local authority
  • Heat map of patients by area
  • Patient age distribution
  • Patients length of stay
  • Average length of stay
  • Delayed days

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