TAAP supports charities in digitising their membership and donation processes by providing an end to end, GDPR compliant digital solution for activities such as; face-to-face fundraising, recruitment of new donors, automating backend payment processes, reducing administration and providing real time analytics.

In addition, you can make changes yourself to the application to suit the environment or footfall such as fixed donation amounts and whether to capture gift aid or use the rapid donation mode.

TAAP Fundraiser

Just £37.50 a month for an all inclusive package

TAAP Fundraiser is a contactless payment solution that can increase the value of each donation by 25%. The Gift Aid ask is simple and is supported by rapid data entry.

The solution can further support a charity by building a marketing database of Donors that can choose when to be contacted about news, events and future donations. TAAP Fundraiser can operate as a standalone solution or as part of the TAAP Regular Giving solution to accept all possible donation methods to support your fundraising strategy.

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TAAP Fundraiser Kiosk

Interactive kiosks can have huge benefits for charities. By simplifying the donation process and helping tell the story, they can increase the number of donations as well as the average donation amount.

The TAAP Fundraiser Kiosk solution enables charities to sign donors up for regular donations in a secure and GDPR compliant way as well as taking contactless payments from the same device.

In addition to having access to real time donation data, all donor details are captured allowing for further marketing campaigns.

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TAAP Regular Giving

The TAAP Regular Giving solution enables charities to sign donors up for regular donations in a secure and GDPR compliant way.

With the TAAP Regular Giving solution you can eliminate paper, dramatically reduce data entry errors though bank validation and postcode lookup, improve compliance and data integrity through digital workflow and dramatically reduce the acquisition cost of each supporter.

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Solution Features

Offline Working

Capture donations anywhere, anytime without the need for a signal.

Postcode Lookup

Fast data capture including postcode lookup to ensure information for Direct Debit mandated is correct and verified.


Integrated contactless payment and Instant Bank Account validation to ensure hassle free payment.


Capture donor signatures with date/time stamp and full audit history.

Generate Mandates

Capture all the information needed for Direct Debit Mandates, including Bank Checker and Postcode lookup to ensure data integrity.


Compatible with all Windows, iOS and Android devices.

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